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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel:

It's crucial to optimize your videos for YouTube's recommendation system as well as for YouTube and Google search in order to increase viewership and maybe channel subscriptions. This involves search engine optimization (SEO).

Here are some techniques and YouTube SEO pointers to make sure your videos appear high in Google and YouTube search results.

Find the best keywords for YouTube by using keyword research tools.

Ahrefs and vidIQ Vision are two programs and websites that you may use to locate the ideal keywords for YouTube. You might also consider selecting keywords that contain the terms "tutorial" and "how to." The most effective keywords for YouTube show that viewers are looking for videos.

In the case of a person searching for "best paint for concrete walls," Google is likely to present site pages first. On the other hand, videos are more likely to appear as the top links in search engine results pages (SERPs) when the keyword "how to paint a concrete wall" is searched.

Use Keywords As the File Names for Your Videos.

These keywords must be pertinent to the subject matter of the videos. Your videos' chances of appearing in Google and YouTube search results are increased when you rename them using keywords that assist explain what they are about.

Imagine you are publishing a video on how to optimize YouTube videos to your marketing channel on YouTube. Rename the video to "How to optimize YouTube videos" followed by the file extension, such as MOV, MP4, or WMV, rather than using a file name like "17481991_mov."

Include a Keyword in the Title.

This is one of the easiest YouTube SEO tips to follow, but sadly, some creators forego this crucial step. Including a keyword in the title tells both viewers and YouTube what your video is about.

This is one of the easiest YouTube SEO tips to follow, but sadly, some creators forego this crucial step. Including a keyword in the title tells both viewers and YouTube what your video is about.

Write an Optimized Description.

Use natural keyword placement in your descriptions to help your movies appear in the sidebar. Additionally, you should frontload CTAs, website URLs, and other crucial bits of information into the first two lines of the description's allotted 1,000 characters.

Use Tags Wisely.

One of the easiest of our YouTube SEO tips to follow, and one of the most effective, is to tag your videos. YouTube suggests tagging videos to help it understand what they’re about and allow it to associate your videos with other clips.

For instance, if you have a YouTube marketing channel, and your video is about how to optimize YouTube videos, you can use tags like “how to optimize YouTube videos,” “how to get more YouTube views” or, to make it more timely, “how to optimize YouTube videos 2023.”

By expanding your reach, you increase the likelihood that users will discover your films. To avoid getting in trouble with YouTube, refrain from using tags that are unrelated to the content and setting of your videos.

Your YouTube tagging approach can also benefit from the use of social listening tools and even YouTube tag generators.

How To Gain Subscriber.

Subscribing to a YouTube marketing channel offers quite a few benefits to users.

Subscribers are served more of the content they like; they’re updated every time the channel has new content, and it’s easier to connect with other users with the same interests.

Brands and content creators also benefit from having a large number of subscribers. For instance, subscribers to a YouTube channel are more likely to engage in its content than casual viewers. This is because they have already shown interest in the brand or creator by subscribing.

High engagement and view counts may also help increase the chances of having your videos recommended by YouTube’s algorithm and boost your channel promotion efforts.

The following are some other advantages of having a solid subscriber base

Additional Income Source.

YouTube allows content creators to monetize their videos once they reach 1,000 subscribers and have at least 4,000 watch hours on their channels. Monetization can be done through the YouTube Partners Program.

Now that you know how important it is to grow your YouTube following, here’s how to gain subscribers on YouTube:

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